UNICEF: The Blue Moon Gala

An immersive experience at the biggest screen display complex in the world. To help UNICEF raise money for children in emergencies.


The Blue Moon Gala




Strategy. Concept Development. Creative Direction. Content Creation.

When lockdown started to ease in late 2021, UNICEF wanted to return with a high impact live event to raise money for children in emergencies. The Venue – Outernet London, the biggest immersive screen complex in the world. They asked us to develop a concept to make it a night to remember. 


Transport people into another world and once there, get them to take action…

The task was twofold. Create a stunning ambience for guests to spend the evening in. But behind the ambience, there was a serious message – In a world of climate change and growing conflict, children around the world have never needed UNICEF’s help more than now. We had to remind guests why UNICEF exists and get them to dig deep into their pockets and donate.


We created the Blue Moon Starscape – A fantasy vision of outer space.

In a huge space with 15-metre-high, 360 degree screens, guests were bathed in light from a giant moon which slowly moved across the room, in and out of clouds, against a backdrop of twinkling stars and nebula. 


With four display spaces at the venue, each room had a specific purpose and got its own unique version of the content…

From the entrance walk – All about a high impact visual that transported guests into another world.  To a second room where we told the story of UNICEFs work through the decades. To the main room, where guests were immersed in a giant starscape. 

We also delivered content which played throughout the evening, showing UNICEF's good work and encouraging guests to donate. There was a particular focus on education as due to the Covid Pandemic, millions of children in developing and third world countries were missing out on school. UNICEF wanted to educate guests about the scale of the problem and remind them of the importance of every child having access to education. 


A star studded event at the world's biggest screen display venue raising money for children in emergencies 

UNICEF Good Will Ambassador, David Beckham, addresses the crowd and talks about his work with the charity.

A timeline told guests the story of UNICEF’s history and it’s work through the decades. 


The Blue Moon Gala raised over half a million pounds in one night

And got extensive press coverage bringing UNICEF’s work to the attention of 1000s of people who weren't at the event. 

It was also a benchmark of Black Paint's collaborative approach. The work sailed through apporovals with minimum amends or changes – What happens when agency and clients work as partners throughout a project. 

We're now working with UNICEF into 2022 on the launch of their Blue Vinyl campaign set to go live in the summer. 

Special thanks to the team at Outernet for their expertise and invaluable help throughout. And to the team at UNICEF who were a pleasure to work with from start to finish. 

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