Ben Klock: Photon

Campaign for world-famous Berlin Techno DJ’s immersive light and sound shows, touring the world.


Photon 2019




Concept Development, Design, Creative Direction, Content Creation

Ben Klock is an ever-present symbol of Berlin’s modern Techno movement. Resident DJ at iconic Berlin club Berghain, and a regular on the international circuit. His Photon shows have been touring for several years, building a devoted following around the world.


Photon is about the experience of light, architecture and music. This experience is almost like a light installation but with the vibe of a techno party - Ben Klock 

DJ, Artist, Producer and label owner. Ben Klock is an ever present symbol of Berlin's modern techno movement.  

Photon shows immerse the audience in sound and light 

The Brief:

We were asked to produce the promotional assets for the 2019 Photon world tour.

These included stills for social and print ads as well as video content for promoting the shows across social channels. These assets needed to be quickly re-versioned to suit the promotional needs of different markets as the campaign rolled out.


We wanted the images for the tour to produce a double take, making people pause to question what they were seeing – "Is it light, smoke, ink in water, an image of the cosmos, an explosion?"

This creative solution was relevant to being at a Photon show, where meaning is subjective and one person’s experience might be very different to another's. 

On the shoot, we committed to using no elaborate effects, only working with elements present in the live shows. Everything was created in-camera, playing with lens aberrations, exposure and shutter speeds. Staying true to Ben’s roots, the shoot took place at Berlin’s legendary Berghain club, where he has been a resident DJ for years.


The assets were rolled out across Ben Klock’s social channels to tease the announcement of the tour

They were then adapted for social channels to promote specific events around the world. We also provided a toolkit for territories to create local adaptations across the world. 

Knowledge and insight

Ben Klock. Techno and the changing face of one of the world's most interesting cities

Explore the world of Ben Klock and Berghain. Iconic emblems of Berlin, a city still showing the scars of its past but undergoing rapid change and, depending on who you speak to, welcome or unwelcome gentrification. The need for growth in one of Germany's poorest cities, combined with the desire to maintain its underground scene and individuality, creates a tension between old and new in one of Europe’s most exciting urban centres.

(Special thanks to for Ben Klock interview content used in the case study) 

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