2020. The power of hope in an unprecedented year.


2020 - The Year We Had


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Concept Development. Storyboarding. Post Production. Creative Direction

2020 was a year that will go down as one the most challenging and uncertain in recent memory. Covid-19 has personally affected almost everyone on the planet. It also unfolded against a backdrop of political instability and polarised nations. There was the US election, Brexit uncertainty, Civil unrest, Black Lives Matter and extreme weather events attributed to climate change.

It was a year in which a whole lexicon of new vocabulary we were barely aware of before - Lockdown, Super spreader, Black Lives Matter and many others - became some of the most often used words and terms across the world. 

One of the things it highlighted is that in our interconnected world, we are both more vulnerable but also more able to work together to fight the issues that affect us all. We wanted to create something that summed up 2020, its hardships, the indomitability of human nature and our collective hopes for the year ahead.


This was not a commercial project but one we undertook to talk about something that has touched us all.

In making a film about togetherness and community, we invited people we know, the extended Black Paint family, to contribute to the film. 

We would like to thank:

Lutia Swan-Hutton, for her unexpected and brilliant ideas.

Oystein Lundstrom. 

Carlo Lee, for providing a different perspective.

Tim McGloughlin. 

And of course, the inspiring poem of Brother Richard Hendrick, exerts of which were used in the second half of the film. 

Other footage from: 

Daniel Broadley Via Vimeo - Colin Becker via Vimeo - Mathew Butler via giphy.com - Dan McComb via vimeo - Neo - Into Action Via Giphy.com - Michael Steingard - Daniel Hume via Vimeo - Apo Genc Via VImeo - Alex Gao - Robert Anthony Via Vimeo - Robert Anthony via Vimeo - BBC News - New China TV -  ABC News - The Telegraph - Freedom News TV - Good Morning America - The Evening Standard - VOA News - NOICE - Bloomberg - ABC15 Arizona - WPLG Local 10 - Channel 4 News - CTV News - UW Medicine -   VOA News - CBSN - Global News - The Sun - Washington Post - BBC London - The Independent - Skynews - Guardian News

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