Leadership Team

Adam Alexandroni
Adam Alexandroni


About Adam

An advertising executive with 18 years’ experience. Before founding Black Paint, Adam held senior leadership roles both at independent digital and global advertising agencies.

He spearheaded the development of digitally native, cost effective and nimble, content and experiential businesses from 2006, as well as having many years’ experience as a creative director working on campaignsfor adiverse portfolio of global brands.

Having spent years helping brands sell consumer products like, shampoo, cars, nappies and beer he decided he wanted to work on products and services which actually make the world function better.

Applying decades of experience, Adam is deeply committed to growing brands or businesses that are disrupting long established processes or forging new industries and reimagining the technological future.

“We see an opportunity to apply our broad and unconventional skillset to make a valuable impact and service a range of businesses who we believe would not be best served by traditional agencies”



Adam Newman CFA


About Adam

Adam started his career as an accountant before going on to become an investment banker and portfolio manager and finally an investor and crypto / blockchain proponent. After a successful career holding senior positions at leading global financial institutions, Adam left the industry behind to seek new challenges.

He has more than 15 years’ experience analysing thematic/disruptive technologies, regulatory, demographic and generational shifts to identify opportunities.  

He brings both his extensive financial acumen and business analytical processes to Black Paint to help define effective brand and communications strategies for our clients.

He is excited about blockchain and crypto and the impact it will have on all our futures.

“There are profound periods of change in history, and we are in the midst of one of them. Political, economic, social and technological cycles are colliding and the disruption and the opportunity is significant. Old models and frameworks are discarded and new ones that better serve society come to the fore. At Black Paint, we want to be part of this future.”




John Davis

Photographer and Film Director

About John

John is an award winning, globally respected photographer who travels the globe working with some of the world’s biggest brands such as Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Pernod Ricard and the England Footballers Foundation as well as sports legends such as Pele, Ronaldhino, Harry Kane, Wayne Rooney, Ian Poulter, Andy Murray and Jessica Ennis-Hill.

His passionate interest in the human body and its movement has seen him excel in the worlds of Sport, Portraiture and Lifestyle photography.

His success and continued demand by the advertising industry can be attributed to several key aspects of his method; he works closely alongside clients to understand and realise their vision as he has a profound understanding as to what each brand requires to create its own identity. He offers his own creative input to help interpret the brief and has the calm disposition to ensure that any problems are overcome to ensure the shoot runs smoothly.

Øystein Lundstrøm

Director of Film and Production

About Øystein

Øystein Lundstrøm is a highly experienced Cinematographer with more than 20 years of experience shooting all kinds of content from big budget TV ads to low cost, nimble Digital content and even has a few Bollywood feature films under his belt. He was also one of the first to spot the huge filming potential of drones and became an expert drone camera operator and continues to fly around the world where his skills as a high-end filming drone pilot are much in demand.

For a DP of his caliber, he’s also unusually adaptable and although he’s shot a lot of lavish, big budget TV ads and feature films, he’s equally at home filming with a single camera in a documentary style and his ability to deliver amazing, cinematic footage in smaller lower budget projects makes him a particularly effective person to have on digital content work were he consistently delivers a visual quality that exceeds the budget.