Crafted digital communications that connect with real people 

Black Paint is a creative digital agency based in Berlin. We specialise in branding, design & content creation.

We can deliver our services separately or combine them to deliver integrated campaigns.

We are strategic and results focused.

We want to grow your business and build your brand.

About Us...

We are an agency of two halves

One half results focused, problem solving business thinkers,

One half creatives, makers and doers.

We deliver strategic insights built on in-depth research and analysis.

And use this to inform all our creative work.

We partner with you to deliver work that shifts the dial for your brand.

We believe our work should always drive our clients bottom line and solve their business problems.



Content creation

We make content that cuts through the spam and deliver thought-provoking stories that people want to share.

We have decades of collective experience making content across digital verticals. We have also done our fair share of TV, Cinema, OOH work.

We have made a lot of content in our time. We know what makes a compelling story and how to tailer content content for channels to make the biggest impact.

We know how to deliver

We are an ideas agency that knows how to make stuff.

We understand the craft required to bring an idea to life and we know that a great idea lives or dies in execution.

We apply years of production experience to ensure the end product is executed beautifully.

We know how to sweat the budget where it counts

Before we got our hands on big budgets, we started out making digital content with tiny budgets fifteen years ago. We understand that great work doesn’t have to cost the earth and know how to get the maximum value out of any budget.

You won’t find any onsite massage therapists or sushi chefs on a Black Paint shoot. Just a focused team working very hard to deliver a great end-product.

We have agile minds and very nimble feet

We like to move quickly, we like being nimble and we know that our partners need smart, connected thinking from a partner that’s able to execute quickly, without the big operational overheads of larger agencies.

The art of simplicity

We spend a lot of time thinking about how to solve our clients’ business problems. Once we’ve done this, we spend just as much time making sure the execution is beautifully simple.

Next steps

Let’s work together and do something amazing.