Game-changing content solutions for your brand.

Black Paint was created with a single purpose. 

To deliver world-class content that stands out from the digital noise, entertains real people and gets real results for your business. 

Whether you need a corporate video which entertains and inspires (And feels anything but corporate!). Social content to boost engagement. Outdoor visuals for events. Educational content. Or a big glossy piece of brand communication. We can help. 

With a team drawn from some of the best agencies in the world, we formed Black Paint to bring our decades of video content experience to offer amazing results and better value. 

Our agile structure ensures your budget goes on the work itself and isn’t soaked up by expensive company overheads. And allows us to create work at the speed demanded by our hyper connected world. 

As well as working as external agency pertners, we’re also seamlessly plugged into in to the in-house teams of several of our clients. Where we  support, guide, augment, up-skill and scale their in-house teams.

Today in 2023, we work with global brands like UNICEF, Qualtrics and Richmont Group, as well as a host of disruptive high-growth start-ups. 

We make content that punches above its weight. We make brands smarter. 


Our business is to help you grow your brand with purposeful, strategy-led, content and marketing solutions to real business problems.

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Our Service Promise to You
Every project we work on is underpinned by the same service values. We call them the Black Paint Lucky 7! Read on to find out more...

1: Dream - Our fresh approach will help you unlock new ideas and turn ambitious dreams into reality to engage the right audience and stand out from the crowd in your category. 

2: Inspire - Most make content that is avoided or endured. We promise to tell inspiring, emotional stories that entertain and inspire.

3: Strategic & Growth Focused- Behind every film there will always be a clear set of growth focused strategic goals along with clarity on your audience meaning you’ll get solutions that drive real business results.

4: Tailor Made - The bespoke team we draw together for each project will include the greatest talent available from within that field. This ensures you have the best people working to produce the best outcomes.

5: A Perfect In-House Fit - We fit seamlessly alongside your in-house team to augment production capacity, add creative inspiration when you need it or help you manage and scale your team to meet the demands of your growing business. With extensive experience both at agencies and within brands, we understand the in-house world inside out.  

6: Trustworthy - We will always be professional, reliable and give honest advice. We aim to become trusted partners who always add value and you know you can rely on.

7: True Value - We know you want the best value for money possible. We will work hard to ensure you always feel we represent great value within your budget and that what you get exceeds your expectations.

Content is everything people interact with in their digital lives – film, voice, audio, visuals and photography – It’s all content! And each can play an important role in your customer’s experience.

We deliver and scale content production across channels and understand that in todays’ connected culture, an agile and responsive partner that is able to execute quickly is essential. 

Our work is built on strategic foundations with the goal of creating relevant work that grows your brand and your business. 

Expect us to be responsive, open minded and collaborative with a relentless ambition to make something that people will remember. 

We deliver world-class, content-led, digital campaigns that get people engaging with your brand across multiple digital channels.

We harness the power of connected thinking across channels and create effective, results focused, digital campaigns for today’s connected culture and constantly optimise ongoing work to maximise its effectiveness.

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