Game-changing content solutions for brands of all shapes and sizes. 

Black Paint was created with a single purpose. 

To deliver world-class content and digital campaigns that stand out from the digital noise, entertain real people and get results. 

We're a team that have worked at some of the best agencies in the world and we formed Black Paint to bring our decades of collective experience to brands of all shapes and sizes. From established global brands to disruptive high-growth start-ups. 

We invest more time and energy in understanding your business challenges to create solutions that are crafted to address your needs and deliver business results.

Our work is informed by strategy and driven by creativity. We make sense of the digital hype and avoid industry jargon and buzzwords at all costs, working with business leaders to help navigate the maze of industry noise and focus on what is going to best utilise your budget and realise your business objectives.

With people in London, Berlin and LA, we’re an agile boutique agency with a global presence. We build talented, bespoke teams to meet the specific needs of your business. Working flexibly either in a more traditional 'external agency' model or by seamlessly plugging in to your business as 'your partners on the inside', to support, augment, up-skill and scale your in-house team. 

We make content that punches above it's weight. We make brands smarter. 


Our business is to help you grow your brand with purposeful, strategy-led, content and marketing solutions to real business problems.

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Our work is built on strategic foundations with the goal of creating relevant work that grows your brand and your business. 

Expect us to be responsive, open minded and collaborative with a relentless ambition to make something that people will remember. 

Content is everything people interact with in their digital lives – film, voice, audio, visuals and photography – It’s all content! And each can play an important role in your customer’s experience.

We deliver and scale content production across channels and understand that in todays’ connected culture, an agile and responsive partner that is able to execute quickly is essential. 

We deliver world-class, content-led, digital campaigns that get people engaging with your brand across multiple digital channels.

We harness the power of connected thinking across channels and create effective, results focused, digital campaigns for today’s connected culture and constantly optimise ongoing work to maximise its effectiveness.

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